The Tempe Academy Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)
is a volunteer
organization made of parents, teachers, community members, and students whose mission is to
support and promote an environment at TAIS where teachers and administrators can do their best work,
and our students can do their best learning.

For only $10 per year you can join the PTSO and help
make a big
difference in our children's school experience!

Welcome Back!

Tempe Academy Community, 

What makes TAIS such a great place is everyone's involvement. We’ve got teachers who prove they care through their actions, committing to the extra work of fulfilling International Baccalaureate requirements, organizing school plays, volunteering for the annual haunted house, and sponsoring after-school clubs.
Parents like you, with the same mission as the teachers and staff: do right by our children and enable their futures through education.
The PTSO comes gets everyone working together -- parents, teachers, and students -- all toward a common goal of making the middle school experience the best it can be for our children.
We have fun but we also need your help. There is something for everyone -- from donating to volunteering, coming to events or joining the PTSO.
PTSO volunteering is also an opportunity for you to hang out with your children, other parents, TAIS teachers, and staff. Some of the fun things we do are:
● Volunteering at Ironman events in late-Fall (their Foundation then donates to the PTSO)
● Hosting a Haunted House around Halloween time
● Holding monthly Supper Club events at nearby restaurants, who then donate a percentage of sales to the PTSO
● Supporting needs of the school through field trip and school event volunteering, sports boosters, club sponsorships, field day and much more
If you’re wondering what you can do right away, consider joining the PTSO for just $10/year for your entire family. You can sign up at or pick up a form in the office.


Your PTSO board

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2019-2020 PTSO Board

Lisa Asche, President
Christina Rankin, Secretary
Starlla Duran, Treasurer
Cypress Ashford, Vice President of Hospitality and Communication
Erica Roberts, Vice President of Marketing
Sandra Campas, Yolanda Flores, Sarah Waraska, Members-at-Large
Marisa Hambleton, VP of Technology
Denise Dunwoody – principal

A big thanks to the 2018-2019 PTSO Board for a fantastic year!

Sandra Campas, President
Jo Cassose, Vice President
Christina Jimenez, VP of Hospitality
Yolanda Flores, Treasurer
Lisa Asche, VP of Fundraising
Marisa Hambleton, VP of Technology
Mindy & John Miller, Members At-Large 
Cortney Milanovich, Recording Secretary
Teacher Representative
Denise Dunwoody – principal

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School Phone 480-459-5048