All parent volunteers must fill out the TD3 parent volunteer application (
Download Tempe Elementary District #3 Parent Volunteer Application) and be fingerprinted to volunteer in the school.  The TD3 office at Rural and Southern can do this for you.  Students can volunteer at many of the PTSO sponsored events and earn CSA hours.  Watch for emails, fliers, Facebook posts, and visit the PTSO website to watch for information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.  No

Are you interested in Volunteering for a committee or event?

Garden Booster Club
Sports Booster Club
Band/Orchestra Booster Club
TAIS Supper Club Fundraisers
Spring Event

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Newsletter Editor:  Take PTSO information and articles and create a monthly newsletter for online distribution.

Grant Seekers/Writers: Do you have experience or want to gain experience in grant writing? We need people to seek out and write grants to fund specific projects.
If you are interested in helping with any of these, please send an email and your contact information to:

We use Sign Up Genius for all PTSO sponsosred events.  We will send out an email with the link to sign up for events.  
You can register with Sign Up Genius at the link below if you want to get ahead of the game.   
Otherwise, just watch for emails from the PTSO with the Sign Up Genius link. 


What does my child need to do and where do I begin?

All TAIS students are required to do community service. There are many charitable organizations that will allow students to volunteer in the Tempe area.  Depending on your student's age, you may be required to volunteer with them, be sure to check the requirements of the organization you are looking into.  Students can volunteer at PTSO events and earn CSA hours, watch for emails, fliers, Facebook posts, and here for information on volunteer opportunities offered by the PTSO to students.  The students can also check their ManageBac account for community service hour postings by teachers.
To submit your child's community service hours, you must log into your students ManageBac account (not your parent account) and add the hours under SA.  If your student does a half hours worth of work, please round up.  ManageBac will round those hours down. You will also need to upload a photo, signature or some type of proof that your student did those hours.